Media Release

November 17, 2016

Contact: Tricia Lewis – Lewis Marketing
Phone:  928-460-0538

Prescott: The Biomechanics LLC of Prescott, AZ was recently notified of a data breach by a billing and claims service vendor, Rehab Billing Services (RBS).  The breach occurred on or around September 11, 2016. The Biomechanics LLC was notified in the weeks following. The only records impacted by the date breach are records from July, 2012 through August, 2014.

The Biomechanics, LLC is committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of their patients’ information and is doing everything possible to notify those who may have been affected by this unfortunate situation.

Rehab Billing Services (RBS), a billing and claims service responsible for maintaining electronic records, was notified by one of its support vendors that a data storage account (referred to as an S3 account) was vulnerable, because it was accessible to persons outside of the office and outside of the support vendor’s organization.  Specifically, a data security researcher based in Texas, whose responsibility it is to explore the internet for vulnerable data, discovered the data storage account’s vulnerability.

The data storage account at issue contains practice information of RBS customers, including patient information from The Biomechanics LLC.  Information may have included patient names, dates of birth, patient addresses, medical imaging records, intake forms, drivers’ licenses, Medicare numbers, insurance cards, prescriptions, progress reports, and claim forms.  No bank account or credit card information was included in the data or patient information.

When notified of the problem by the support vendor, RBS took immediate action to investigate and determine the source and extent of the access to information.  RBS reports that the vulnerability was identified and closed.  Updated access controls were established and are now in place to secure the data storage account.  The researcher indicated no intention of releasing patient information, but acted only to determine data vulnerability and not to review or to release data. The Biomechanics LLC no longer uses RBS services for billing and/or claims.

For more information patients should contact The Biomechanics LLC, toll free, at 1- 888-245-4615.